Silly Season garden tips

Lights look great in your garden through Christmas and beyond

Lights look great in your garden through Christmas and beyond
The wild winds have dropped, forecasted rain seems to be passing us by: summer and the Silly Season are here. At last.

And that triggers a last-minute rush to have your garden looking its best for all those pre-Christmas parties and the big day itself.

Key, is steadfast watering, but first things first. Have a good tidy up – nothing looks better than freshly mowed lawns, neatly trimmed edges and hedges, weed-free borders.

Then take a fresh look at the garden itself. Would it benefit from some clever uplights? Forget panicking to find an electrician, simple – and cheap – solar lights will do the trick . . . for now. They'll give you an idea of where to place the permanent variety once your wallet has recovered from Christmas and holidays.

Fairy lights do have their place in the festive garden, but take time and care with how you arrange them on a tree or pergola. Experiment with their placement, stand back and check progress so they don't look chucked-at.

Pots chocka with bedding plants offer an economic quick fix for dull corners and borders. They'll create accents, mark the entrance to a concealed garden, the steps up to your deck or front door.

Be clever with colour: a big blue pot over flowing with blue cascading lobelia and blue petunias, for instance, red petunias or begonias in red pots create maximum impact.

Change it up with red geraniums in black pots; white cascading lobelia, white cosmos and dwarf white agapanthus in a glazed turquoise pot.

Group them for best effect, creating a focal point to draw the eye out.

Pots of all shapes, sizes and price tags are available. Go for the big gorgeous ones if you can, but if your budget is a little tight, check out the terracotta variety. Transforming them is as simple as a lick of paint.


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