Garden Tasks for June

Flowers and Shrubs

- Plant Forget-me-nots, calendula, polyanthus, flowering kale, poppies, primula, violas, pansies, snapdragons, sweet William, allysum, sweetpeas

- Deadhead or pinch out old flowers of snapdragons, stocks and pansies to encourage a new flush of flowers

- Collect seeds from poppies, wild flowers and other flowering annuals to grow your own free flowers in spring

- New varieties of roses will be coming into the garden centres now. Try Wairere Nursery for a great selection. Good soil preparation is the key to healthy roses so dig in plenty of compost and some slow release plant food around the roots of each one when you plant them

- June is a great time to shift any shrubs or small trees which you think are growing in the wrong place.

- Prune your roses and hydrangeas

- Plant seedlings of alyssum, pansy, poppy, polyanthus, primula, mini cyclamen, and lobelia, and there’s still time to plant lily bulbs.
Vegetables and Fruit

- Traditionally garlic is planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day, but you can get garlic in the ground any time from now until early spring. Break up the head of a garlic bulb and plant the fattest cloves 5cm deep, 10cm apart, with the pointy ends facing up.

- Add a layer mulch around the base of fruit trees - this will keep the soil warmer over the winter months and to help keep the area weed free.

- Plant celery, turnips, coriander, peas, sugar snaps, shallots, silver beet, rocket, and strawberries if you haven’t already. Remember strawberries fruit better the second year.
- If you want glorious peaches like the ones above, remember to spray your fruit trees with a copper spray to clean up any overwintering bugs and diseases. That way spring growth will come out clean and healthy. Image via.
- Add another thick layer of mulch to garden beds and pots to conserve water, reduce weeds and add valuable nutrients back to the soil. It also creates a tidy and cared for look.

- Don’t forget the frost-cloth!


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