Garden Tasks for July

Flowers and shrubs

- Plant roses, polyanthus, snapdragons, sweet peas, petunias, lily of the valley, calendula, poppies, columbines, hellebores, dahlias, lobelia, pansies

- Camellias will be in flower this month, so it’s a great time to check them out at your garden centre and choose the varieties you like best to buy and plant

- All the beautiful spring flowering trees can be planted now such as flowering cherries, crab apples, and maples

- Apply existing spring flowering bulbs with bulb food  as soon as the leaves appear through the ground.
Vegetables and fruit

- Berry fruit will  be starting to come into your garden centre, so have a think about which varieties you would like to plant. They’re incredibly good for you and easy to grow.

- Winter is when your fruit trees are dormant, so it’s the ideal time to prune them. See our post on pruning your fruit trees.

- There will be a good selection of fruit trees in the garden centre at the moment, and the best time to plant them is while they're dormant (winter time). Look for a spot with full sun and wind protection, and remember to stake young fruit trees for the first few seasons.

- You can still plant garlic this month

Pests and general tasks

- Get rid of Onehunga Weed in your lawns now so the kids can run around on it in summer without worrying about “prickles”. You will find specialist products at your local garden centre or hardware store.

- Remember to mulch to suppress weeds

- Slugs and snails on newly planted flowers can be a problem, so either pick them off yourself, or use a specialised product.


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