Garden Tasks for November

Flowers and shrubs

- Plant: nasturtiums, water lilies, dahlias, tuberous begonias, everlasting daisies, chrysanthemums, Veronicas, zinnias, sunflowers, foxgloves, carnations, wisteria, delphiniums, hibiscus, cosmos, marigold, lobelia, petunias, impatiens and alyssum.

- Plant Fuchsias in shady parts of the garden that get dappled sunlight - they make a colourful summer display. Use lots of compost to get plants off to a good start.

- Feed roses with rose food and spray with Shield to control insects and diseases.
Water pots and hanging baskets daily. Try blending in herbs or strawberries for some edible options when you’re potting them up.

- Lift bulbs after leaves have died down, dry and store for next year.

- Plant daylillies for their beauty and hardiness. They are often described as the perfect perennial because they can survive in a range of soil conditions, aren’t bothered by pests too much, and come in a rainbow of colours.

Vegetables and Fruit

- This month keep making successional sowings of summer veges such as lettuce, beans, beetroot to keep a continuous supply over summer.

- Keep planting courgettes, eggplant and sweet corn.

- November is a good time to plant mandarins, grapes, kiwifruit, all types of berries, lemons, feijoa and limes.

- Give established vege plants a side dressing of general fertiliser to keep growth active - remember to water well after feeding plants.

- November is the optimum month to plant maincrop potatoes. See the Mitre 10 website for a great guide to potato varieties and a growing and harvesting guide.

- Hand prune side shoots from tomatoes and keep feeding them regularly with liquid tomato food.

Pests and General Tasks

- Spray flowering shrubs, fruit and vegetable plants with Yates Mavrik to keep insect pests at bay while keeping bees safe.

- Dust cabbage and cauliflower plants with Derris Dust to control white butterfly caterpillar.

- Leave a little length on your lawns to enable grass to cope with the hotter weather to come.

- Now is a great time to apply a slow release fertiliser to your lawn - an adequate supply of nitrogen is essential for lush green grass.


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