Garden Trends for 2015

I know we're half way through 2015 already, but better late than never!
According to the American website Gardenista, there are a number of dominant garden trends to take into account when you're designing or renovating your garden this year. Take these ideas on board, and you will have the trendiest garden in your neighborhood (at least until 1st January 2016!!)
Here are some of our favourites:

Black Fences

These create instant drama, and are the perfect backdrop to the greenery in your garden.

Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo blends naturally into the landscape and looks great as an alternative to wire for training your plants. They also bring an element of Japanese style to your outdoor area.

Ribbon Driveways

An old-fashioned design, these driveways not only look great, but they create a permeable surface to reduce water runoff. Might be a bit tricky to implement if you don't have a sprawling countryside garden though...

Stained Raised Garden Beds

Always a welcome and practical addition to your garden, raised planters have just got stylish! Adding a few coats of charcoal or midnight blue stain finishes them off nicely, and you could even paint them to match the house.

Edible Microgreens

"Whether you sow a single container of microgreens or designate an entire section of your edible garden to the endeavor, you'll be on trend for 2015. The tiny sprouts are quick to grow (they take less than two weeks to go from seed to table), packed with nutrition, and adorable. Just shear and eat," says Gardenista.


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