5 ways to keep your plants alive while you're on your summer holiday

After what seems like a long cold winter, we get pretty excited about the advent of warm summer weather - and for a lot of us the warm weather means we start looking forward to a summer break away from home.

But the harsh summer sun can be tough on our gardens - there's no getting around that. And it's a little heart-breaking to come home from your well-earned holiday to find your plants and gardens looking dismal, wilted and… dead.

So here's a few tips to keep your plants healthy and happy while you're away - so your hard work during the rest of the year doesn't go to waste.

  1. If your plants are in pots, group them close together in an area that stays shady all day if possible. This will create a little micro-climate which will increase the humidity and help them conserve water
  2. Again for potted plants: use water globes (widely available at garden centres) or create your own with a large plastic water bottle. Pierce a good sized hole in the lid of the bottle, then upend the filled bottle into the soil of your pot - it will gradually take the moisture it requires.
  3. The best thing to do for your vegetable or garden beds is to water really well, then mulch with a thick layer of newspaper, tree mulch, pea straw or bark. This will conserve moisture.
  4. Help your lawn to survive by leaving it longer when you mow it. Rather than using a catcher, leave the lawn clippings on the lawn to act as a kind of mulch.
  5. Ask your neighbour to water your gardens for you! Alternatively (and less time-consuming for your neighbour!) could set up sprinklers and ask them to turn them on for a couple of hours every other day - bearing in mind that council water restrictions may be in place.
Try putting a few of these tips into action while you're away, and you should come home to plants that are alive and well.


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