Paul Ayson - Project Manager

Paul is one of our foremen, and is our longest-standing team member - he's been with us since 2008. He is married to Tracey and they have two kids, and an anti-social cat. He tries not to swear too loudly when Tottenham Hotspurs lose a game, and reckons that if he wasn't doing landscaping, he'd be a surfing instructor. He's also a bit of a whiz at decorating birthday cakes. Who knew?!

Simon Mason - Foreman

Simon was employed as a Foreman in February 2018.

Luke Mills - Foreman

Luke has been part of the Groundcover team since the beginning of 2015 and is our resident basketball player (every company needs one!). He's travelled to Australia to play with his team, and is a keen fan of the Boston Celtics. Not surprisingly, he's rather tall, and was known as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) at high school. He reckons if he wasn't a landscaper, he'd have been an accountant. He's obviously got a thing for numbers, because he's also a master sudoku player!

Ben Davidson - Landscaper

One of two Bens that work at Groundcover, Ben Davidson started with us in June 2016, and quickly became a valued member of the team. Like a few of our guys, Ben is keen on the ocean and is a fan of skim-boarding. When he's not at the beach, Ben is kept busy with his wife and three kids. He's also a fan of Slam Poetry, which is a competition where speakers recite original works and get awarded points for their efforts - we just love the fact we have a poetic landscaper in our midst!

Ben Siviter - Landscaper

Ben is one of two Bens we have on the team - it can get a little confusing! He has a background in design, and at some stage would like to use his skills to design gardens rather than dig holes in them. He is a big fan of Asian food and is a pretty good cook too - although he reckons for some reason people find that hard to believe... maybe he doesn't look like a chef? Ben was always known as the Class Clown in high school, and he sure lives up to that reputation at work some days!

Kieran Mills - Landscaper

Kieran was employed as a landscaper in January 2018.


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