The Designer Series: Environs Architectural & Landscape Design

We present to you part 1 of 3 in “The Designer Series” where we will be showcasing three talented landscape designers that we work very closely with, their work and their passion for what they do.  Paying for a landscape design is a great investment and gives our clients a perfect place to start. It also makes the quoting process a lot faster.

We are pleased to introduce you to Sheryn Brownlee from Environs Architectural & Landscape Design.  Based in Cambridge, Sheryn brings together her landscape design and consultancy with her husband Glen’s experience in Architectural design. This combined skillset creates a holistic, cohesive approach to design considering both the built structure and its setting, which is a win for their clients.

Sheryn’s passion for her work comes from designing environs that nourish the soul!  She loves the work she does and says, “I feel personally privileged to be invited into people’s lives and be entrusted with turning their brief into something tangible for them to enjoy.” Sheryn has a personal love of the outdoors and the calming influence it has on our well-being and perspective on life.

The success of her business is attributed to the ability to listen to clients and turn their thoughts, Pinterest/scrapbook images and unique individual styles into outdoor spaces that reflects them.  Spaces they can be proud of, that are an invitation to live in and enhance the enjoyment of their outdoors for their wider family and friends.

Sheryn says “Our business success is dependent on word of mouth from satisfied clients, many of whom are repeat clients and now friends. We are a small team, so we ensure cohesiveness in design from the brief to completion” and she adds that “No landscape design is great on its own. It requires bringing to life by a wonderful crew of skilled, respectful and intuitive contractors who love what they do.

We highly recommend Sheryn for her design ideas and plant knowledge.  Environs Architectural & Landscape Design was established in 1998 and since then they have worked for residential clients from pocket sized sections to life-style blocks and even the occasional farm. Sheryn also completes landscape plans for commercial and local authority clients, as part of a larger project team.

If you would like to engage with Sheryn for a landscape design you can contact her on  0221278541 or

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